The Hidden South sells outsider art, oddities, and unique antiques found throughout the Southern U.S.

The Hidden South Shop is a space created in 2021 by artist, photographer, and treasure hunter, Brent Walker. He travels through the South in search of unique objects with captivating stories to bring back to the shop, located just a stone’s throw from the French Quarter in New Orleans. Our shop is a unique fusion of retail space and an ongoing art project. 


Our primary focus is outsider art. We are particularly fond of prison art, trench art, tramp art–anything made by people who aren’t traditionally trained. In addition, we carry a large selection of work by local New Orleans artists.

We Make Art

At The Hidden South, we are constantly creating in various mediums, but our primary focus is on assemblage and found object art. 


Our collection is a reflection of our love for the strange and obscure. When you walk into our shop, you can be sure to find a large array of items you’ve never seen before.

Antiques and Collectibles

We have an array of antiques and collectibles, from one-of-a-kind furniture to a memorial book signed by PT Barnum. We carry intriguing light fixtures and we are a little obsessed with old bottles. And we have an ever growing selection of repurposed items that have been given new life. 

We have thousands of items awaiting your exploration. If you're a curious human, this is a place made for you.

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Latest Items

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The Hidden South Confessional

We have a judgement free, anonymous confessional in which you can leave your secret behind and read what others have left.


One of Our Favorite Reviews

I visited Hidden South for the first time today and came away both impressed and inspired. Walking in the door my eyes were immediately drawn to bright circus clowns, vintage toys, sad-eyed baby dolls, crucifixes, taxidermy, fantastic handmade objects and much more. The space itself is beautiful; bright, airy and full of twists and turns, lending itself to its peculiar subject matter. A mysterious room upstairs holds secrets, boxes hold old records and magazines and everything seems like it wants to tell you a story. This eccentric shop is clearly a well-composed passion project. You can feel the love in every room. Plus, the music is great, the prices are reasonable and the service friendly and top-notch. I’ll be back soon, both to shop and to soothe my soul.