The Hidden South sells outsider art, oddities, and unique antiques found throughout the Southern U.S.

The Hidden South Confessional

We have a judgement free, anonymous confessional in which you can leave your secret behind and read what others have left.


  • We create art with a focus on assemblage art.
  • We teach people how to make art through our workshops.
  • We research and tell the stories of some of the more interesting items around the shop.

The Hidden South Shop was created by photographer and storyteller, Brent Walker. He travels the South and finds the most amazing things to bring back to the shop just a few minutes from the French Quarter in New Orleans. We are a unique combination of retail space and ongoing art project.

We have some fantastic items online but you have to come see us in person when you're in the New Orleans area. We have thousands of items in the shop that aren't available online!