Welcome to Slit City

Slit City is a project created by Brent Walker about a post apocalyptic world birthed by a bunch of outsiders.

Little has been revealed about this story but every drawing I make, I’m gifted with another piece of the puzzle. Here’s what I know so far:

Slit City was a refuge for humans who chose not to be chipped and connected to the Webmind. The Webmind was an AI driven existence that essentially made all humans connected to it part human - part AI. People gave up much of their freedom in favor of the seemingly safer and superior existence promised by the AI masters.

The people who chose not to have the chip implanted were outcasts. You could tell who they were because of a government sponsored virus that all those with the implanted chip were immune to. But for the unchipped, the virus caused a huge shift in their outward appearance. Everything that they were on the inside was visible for the world to see. All of your past trauma, misdeeds, your deepest, darkest secrets were visible to the world. The virus was designed to shame them into joining the Webmind but what it actually did was create a superior human.

So these outsiders formed a closed community of rebels. The only way to enter into Slit City was through a hidden crevasse in the little town of Woodstock, Alabama. This slit in the earth was only accessible through a maze created by the eccentric prophet, John B. Mclemore, long before the great reboot.

Stay Tuned For More